Who We Are

Mission. Vision. Values.

Our Vision

D.E.L.T.A. STEAM Academy is the BEST in the country at producing the next generation of culturally conscious, critical and creative thinkers.

Pride Community

Strong Partners

We know the value of exposing students to the world around them and beyond. We couple that exposure with a “village” mindset, bringing in partners to make our students’ community a fluid extension of the classroom.

Best Teachers

We believe representation matters. We hire faculty and staff that exude the brilliance we expect out of our students. Our teachers are highly-qualified, certified, and passionate about advocating for your child personally and academically.

Advanced Courses

Our curriculum fosters curiosity, creativity and a competitive edge within our students. Students have the opportunity to earn high school credits as early as 7th grade in Science, Math, and World Languages. Our curriculum breeds scholars that are curious, creative and competitive. We partner with the most advanced and engaging companies to ensure students have a competitive edge on their peers internationally.

Our Mission

What We Do

Showing our Intergity

Our students are change agents equipped with a world class, rigorous education in STEM and Fine Arts prepared to pursue college degrees and subsequent careers in these fields.

Their strong sense of cultural identity and strive towards deliberate excellence allows them to persevere as they break barriers. They operate with integrity as ambassadors of their communities using their agency to blaze trails for those that will come after them. They are instrumental in and essential to diversifying and enhancing the science and arts career fields. 


National Growth in STEM Industry


Poverty Rate of African-Americans


African-Americans Working in STEM

Our Values

What We Stand On

We are deliberate in giving our personal best every day. 

We work hard, we endure, we finish the task despite challenges.

We do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

We embrace and intentionally celebrate our individual cultures and collective diversity.

We are one piece of our larger village and intentional in honoring the existing legacy and contributions of our community.