D.E.L.T.A. STEAM Academy Board of Directors

Board Members

The D.E.L.T.A STEAM Academy Board of Directors is a collective entity headed by the Board Chair. The Board of Directors jurisdiction includes: Local, state and federal law, the school’s charter agreement, and core strategic issues. The Board of Directors is responsible for setting policies and priorities, aimed at ensuring the school is in compliance with laws, the charter, and mission and vision of the school, developing and approving the budget, and approving changes to the school’s charter and/or strategic plan.


For questions, comments, or concerns regarding the responsibilities of the Board of Directors, please contact the Board Chair.


The Principal/School Leader has jurisdiction over day-to-day operations, and immediate student or personnel matters. The Principal/School Leader is responsible for ensuring student and employee safety, developing procedures to support state law and school policies and evaluating the quality of educational programs, For school level questions, please contact the Principal/School Leader, Nikki Grier via email at [email protected].

Board Contact Information:

Dr. Natoshia Anderson – Interim Board Chair

Mr. GaVon Harris – Interim Vice Chair

Vacant - Secretary

Ms. Shawanda Brown – Treasurer

Ms. Teyardia Leroy – Board Member

Ms. Kyera Perry – Board Member

Nikki Grier – Principal / School Leader