DSA uses the following technology to engage parents and enhance the scholars’ academic experiences:


Powerschools Portal

What is the Powerschools Portal?  

This is a web-based portal and app that allows students and parents to access scholars’ most recent grades, attendance, student schedule and National Test Scores.  Parents are also able to see assignments and comments teachers have made about these assignments. 

How do I access the portal for the first time and how do I login?  

To view the Powerschools login training video.  Also, access the “How to use the PowerSchool Mobile App” video.

Written Instruction for accessing the Powerschools portal.

To access the portal, you will need to follow these instructions: 

  1. Click here to create an account.
  2. Enter the information needed to create your account. The email address you enter is used to send email notifications, including account recovery notices and account changes confirmations.
  3. For each of your students, enter the Access ID and Access Password provided by your school and your relationship to the student.
  4. For each of your students, enter the Access ID and Access Password provided by your school and your relationship to the student.
  5. Click Enter
  6. Check your email for a verification message and click the link within the email to sign in to your PowerSchool account within 24 hours of receiving the message.
  7. If the link has expired, you can request a new link be emailed to you.
  8. Enter your Username and Password.
  9. Your Access ID AND Password is provided by:  XXXXX.  Contact them for additional support at:  XXXXXX
  10. Click Sign In.  Your Access ID is: XXXXX Your Access Password is: XXXXXX.




What is ParentSquare?

This app allows seamless communications between parents and school staff at all levels.  Communications that you will see via this app include: “Panther Pride” and “Academics at a Glance” Newsletters, field trip, permission slip, and payment link, lunch payment link and monthly menus, aftercare updates, school closure updates, emergency updates and more.  Teachers can post weekly newsletters and general classroom information.  Parents direct message or email teachers, staff, administration, and the principal.  Communication occurs through your email and text messages.  Check out this ParentSquare overview; it’s very helpful explaining the many uses of the app and how it streamlines communication.

How do I access ParentSquare for the first time and how do I login?

The school should send you a message inviting you to join the app.  The invite looks like the following:

If you have not received an invitation to the app, go to ParentSquare.com 

Click sign in and enter email or cell phone, click go and then you can gain access.  If this option doesn’t work, contact the school at 470-729-2692.

How do I manage my settings in ParentSquare?

Click this video and it will explain how to manage your settings.




What is IReady?

IReady is a tool that teachers can use to help their scholars become more proficient in math and reading.  Scholars participate in online assessments, the teachers identify learning gaps, and are able to create a path to proficiency and growth.  

How does a scholar login to IReady?

Click here.

During the first week of school, the teacher provides every student with a username and password.  The teacher has provided each scholar with the login information on an index card.

Example Login:

Username: First letter of first name and last name

Password:  DSAyear!

For more information, please view this tutorial, IReady Tutorial for Parents.